* This tentative programme might be subject to changes. Contributors TBA.

Intro to Degrowth Philosophy

Care • Limits • Dépense

Getting to know each other

workshop on collective intelligence

Story of the Self • of Us

Establishing Principles of Unity

Welcome Party and Celeidh

Warming Up / Ritual

Intro to the Summer School

History & overview of Degrowth

Self-care and dinner 

Warming Up / Ritual

Threats to human flourishing

Science • Justice • Embodied 


Roots of the threats

the underlying issues


Theatre of the Oppressed

Democracy, Colonialism,

Civilizational Crisis

Self-care and dinner 


Social change:

How does it happen?

Different theories of change

How to change

the course of human history

What kind of world we want
Degrowth and... food • agriculture •

technology • money • cities • transport

Forum of Emotions

Self-care and dinner 

Movie night

Warming Up / Ritual


MONDAY, 24th August
TUESDAY, 25th August
WEDNESDAY, 26th August
FRIDAY, 28th August
SATURDAY, 29th August

From knowledge to action

tools, strategies, networks

From knowledge to action

tools, strategies, networks

From knowledge to action

tools, strategies, networks

Closing Circle

Self-care and dinner 


Warming Up / Ritual

THURSDAY, 27th August

Warming Up / Ritual 

Present alternatives
Production • Consumption

Money • Services • Land 

Degrowth &

The Green New Deal

Systemic Alternatives

From The Commons to Rojava

Critical discussion 

of Degrowth

Exploring local projects

of nowtopia

Self-care and dinner

Transfer to countryside

Self-organized presentations,

workshops and performances

Campaigns, strategies

tactics and tools

Back-casting workshop

What can WE do? 

Self-care and dinner 

Bonfire and Drum Circle


Jason Hickel, Julia Steinberger, Enough! Scotland, Paul Chatterton, 

Katharina Richter, Andy Goldring, Scientists for XR, Dan O'Neill, UNMAKING team, Gauthier Guerin, 

Beth Stratford, Andrea Pia, Helen Jarvis, Giorgos Kallis, Carola Rackete,

Timothée Parrique, Riccardo Mastini, Alexandra Köves, Julio Linares

and many more...


Speakers and facilitators are announced here as soon as they confirm their presence. 
The activities and lectures will be presented by a combination of  grassroots activists, academics, artists and practitioners. 
If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the program please get in 
touch at