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The dream of the summer school is to provide space for participants to enrich their political strategies and imaginaries with the ideas of degrowth, as a framework that can intersect and unite our multiple struggles towards an ecological and just transformation.


Participants will be invited to learn, explore, debate degrowth ideas, and will then shape concrete strategies for advancing political struggles based on these ideas. The outcomes of this collaborative work will be reported to the 2nd International Assembly of the Degrowth Movement, and will also help  reinforce the foundation for degrowth activism within a broader alliance of movements, starting with activist strategies aimed at COP26.

For whom:

About 30 participants will be selected. The summer school is targeted at activists, community organiser, practitioners, students, researchers (in a broad sense) and artists from a variety of backgrounds. We invite both participants who are already familiar with and work on degrowth and those who have only a superficial grasp of the concept yet and would like to be part of a plural and engaging forum to explore degrowth in more depth.


By whom:

The contributors to the summer school will include leading scholars in the field of degrowth and related topics, as well as activists, practitioners, researchers, organisers and students, actively creating spaces for marginalised voices.


This first edition of the summer school will be action-oriented and will explore degrowth not only in traditional academic ways, but also through participatory, emotional and holistic learning methods, actively breaking constructed hierarchical dualisms like mind vs. body, culture vs. nature, men vs. women.

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The first part of the summer school will be held  at the School of Earth and Environment of the University of Leeds. The second part will be held in Hebden Bridge.